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          • Acrow Props

          Acrow Props

          Material: Q235

          Surface treatment: Hot dip galvanized,electro galvanized,powder coated,painted

          Color: Red / blue / silver

          Type: Spanish Props、Italian Props、German Props、Middle east Porps

          Packaging Details: Packed with steel strips、film or as customer's requst

          Inspection: By ourselves or by SGS or others

          The YXSY Acrow Prop is the simplest, quickest, most reliable, and cheapest method of temporary support.

          All Acrow Props supplied by Building Products Online are fully & independently tested in accordance with BS4074 & BS5507 - Full technical support, certification & traceability information is required on many sites & is available upon request. 

          The ACROW PROP revolutionize construction:

          ? Simple and innovative

          ? Strong and durable

          ? Versatile with infinitely variable height adjustment

          ? Reliable and economic.



          PRODUCT SHOW   



          Today, ACROW PROP would be used on almost every construction site across Australia.

          Multitude of uses

          • Falsework support:formwork for reinforced concrete floors and beams.

          • Raking shores:to brace formwork for columns, walls and stairs.

          • Temporary support:for repair work, canopies, lintels and the like.



          We ensure your goods can be delivered safely: 

          1.Experienced packer and technician,standard rack.

          2.We will offer a container loading plan according to your quantity ordered.

          3.Long-term cooperative freight forwarding and shipping company .

          ABOUT US   

          YXSY works as one of the first class manufacturers, our products are manufactured and developed based on the latest global market trend of scaffolding. It learn from and apply the advanced technology of construction field in European union, Japan, Australia etc, ensuring the quality to the standard of SGS, JIS, ASTM, BS and others. 

          Our aim and objective is to be a professional one-stop engineering material supplier.

          Our company is located in the birthplace of steel - Tangshan, near the Tianjin port and Beijing, you are very welcome to come to our company.

          Product Name: Acrow Props
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